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Applicants must:

Download and fill in the forms
here. This form will have to be co-signed by your college tutor or administrator.

Upload two of your own original musical tracks to Soundcloud (or similar audio hosting site) and supply us with the direct link.

Upload a video of you covering the three topics below (maximum of three minutes) to YouTube (or similar video hosting site) and supply us with the direct link.

Summarise your musical background; your achievements in terms of writing, producing and performing music; any collaborations with other artists; and how you've been building an audience.

TWO: If successful, what will you spend the grant on? (eg. recording costs; buying musical equipment or software; producing video content; financial assistance for coursework etc.

THREE: How do you see yourself developing as a musician, and what do you hope to achieve in the next two years?

Please note: Using the settings on the audio and video hosting sites, you can designate any uploads 'Private' or 'Unlisted' so no one without the direct link address can locate them if you wish.

Completed applications forms and audio and video links must be submitted before 31st March 2021 by email to:
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